Robert Sens
Digital Product Designer, Strategist, & Art Director based in New York City.

About Me

Welcome! I'm Robert Sens, a human-centered designer, problem solver, and community builder.


About me

I am a product design generalist and team leader with cross-disciplinary expertise and a collaborative, pragmatic approach to design that enables me to effectively operate across all stages of a project – from vision, through to design strategy and execution.

As a designer and team leader, I am a staunch advocate for bringing intelligent solutions to life quickly and thoughtfully by implementing processes that continually balance design research with design craft. I am equally as passionate about the design of a product as I am about engineering the environment, process, and interpersonal interactions that help bring a product to life.

Currently, I am a Director of User Experience & Design at NBCUniversal (CNBC), where I lead a cross-functional Voice of the Customer team that is responsible for Product Design, UX Research, and Customer Experience (CX).

Previously I was a Senior Interaction Designer at frog, where I collaborated with small, embedded multidisciplinary teams of designers and strategists to help clients re-imagine digital and physical experiences for their customers. Prior to frog I worked in-house at both early-stage startups and Fortune 500 brands, providing me with both the experience and ability to move quickly in any design environment.

Interests & Inspiration

As a product of 1990’s New York City culture, I am still drawn to and inspired by the output of the activities that defined my formative years: skateboarding, turntablism, punk rock, vinyl records, zines, screenprinting, club culture, Krylon and Mean Streak’s. These days, I am typically taking it a bit easier and you can often find me reading, snowboarding, hiking, gardening, or cooking.

In addition to music, art, and design, I am driven and inspired by a desire to understand human behavior and decision making, especially how context and environment influence why and how people act and behave. 


Occasionally I write, Here are a few of my recent articles on design technique and theory.

A collaborative approach to efficiently convert research findings into tactical product features & conceptual functionality.

More efficiently frame, define, and construct impactful and engaging conversational flows and dialog using the 5 W’s framework.

Collect, understand, deliver — harness the power of conversational interaction patterns to engage your users without building a bot.

Conceptual framework exploring a scalable approach to the design of more meaningful and impactful, user-centric onboarding experiences.

The design strategy and process used to architect and develop a conversational, chatbot experience for a mobile app.