Robert Sens
Digital Product Designer, Strategist, & Art Director based in New York City.


I believe that a focus on craft, collaboration, empathy and understanding drive impactful design. 


I take pride in being a generalist designer who has worked across teams and organizations of many sizes, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. This has provided me the opportunity to work in many capacities while building a diverse, cross-disciplinary skill set and a gritty, get it done attitude. The totality of these experience enables me to effectively plan, lead, and execute across all stages of a project – from research and discovery, through development and launch.


I am a hybrid designer who has always straddled the imaginary line between communication and interaction design. I started out my career with a passion to understand the ‘Who’, ‘What’, and ‘Why’ behind everything I was designing – whether that was a logo, a poster, or a website. This allowed me to gain a wide range of skills and establish a wide range of expertise in the definition and execution of user research, product strategy, interaction design, branding, art direction, visual design, front-end development, and copywriting.


My experience working with diverse teams has allowed me to develop a uniquely personal viewpoint on design and leadership. A few of the things I believe in and guide how I approach product design and development include:


Product development is primarily a carefully orchestrated act of facilitation

Facilitating decision making while shepherding a vision across an organization of diverse viewpoints is the lion's share of a designer's responsibility.


Listening, empathy, and analysis are a designer’s most valuable abilities

Making something is easy. Engineering impact by listening, empathizing, and analyzing user needs, emotions and context is what defines a great designer.


To produce great design, we must relentlessly challenge our assumptions

Producing something impactful is often a product of continuously challenging our own assumptions, as well as those of our peers and stakeholders. 


True insights are derived from observation, conversation & collaboration

Only by observing, conversing and collaborating with our customers can we uncover the valuable insights that shape great design.


Design thinking should always be balanced with design doing

Abductive reasoning & inference are the tools by which we convert research data into big ideas – sketching and prototyping is how we make these ideas tangible and testable with our customers.


Design is a team sport

Great design rarely originates from the brilliance of a single individual, but instead is born from the collective input of cross-functional teams and diverse viewpoints.


Great designers sweat the details

Measure twice, cut once. Whether you are designing a complex interaction or writing copy for an error state – always be thoughtful, precise and respect your craft.


As a team leader I strive to foster an environment where collaboration, critique and an exchange of ideas are tightly balanced with individual responsibilities and ownership.

I lead by example – setting clear expectations and a high bar for quality via hands-on collaboration, context setting, and iterative reviews. Additionally, I foster growth through assessment and empathy - first understanding a designer’s strengths, weaknesses and aspirations, then providing them with targeted opportunities to take ownership, excel and grow.


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