Robert Sens
Digital Product Designer, Strategist, & Art Director based in New York City.

About Me

my name is Robert sens. I am a human-centered user experience & Interaction designer.


About me

I am a product design generalist and team leader with cross-disciplinary expertise and a collaborative, pragmatic approach to design that enables me to effectively operate across all stages of a project – from vision, to design strategy and execution.

As a designer and team leader, I strive for an optimal balance between research, framing and craft to bring intelligent solutions to life quickly and thoughtfully. I am equally as passionate about the design of a product as I am about engineering the process and interpersonal interactions that help bring a product to life.

Currently, I am a Senior Interaction Designer at frog, working with small, embedded multidisciplinary teams of designers and strategists to engineer digital and physical customer experiences that transform businesses at scale.

Before frog, I worked in-house at several early stage startups – leading design and overseeing the development of digital products and initiatives. Even before that I helped both Fortune 500 and smaller brands envision and execute a myriad of digital and branding initiatives.

Interests & Inspiration

I am passionate about design and understanding the what/why behind human behavior and why they make decisions. Additionally, I am a product of 1990’s New York City and have a predilection toward skateboards, turntables, records, zines, Krylon, Mean Streak’s and Marsh ink. These days, you can usually find me reading, snowboarding, hiking, gardening or cooking.

I am continuously inspired to think differently and challenge my assumptions by the things I see, things I read, and the things that I observe while interacting and conversing with others.


Occasionally I write about design technique and theory. Here are a few my recent articles: